nyansapo symbol


The company name "NYANSAPO" which literally means “wisdom knot,” in the local dialect is an Adinkra symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and ingenuity. The symbol conveys the idea that a wise person has the capacity to choose the best means to attain a goal. 

NYANSAPO SOLAR in line with this adage has partnered with global leading companies in the renewable energy sector in delivering sustainable power solutions to Ghanaians.

The company believes Solar Renewable Energy has the potential to transform the lives of millions of Ghanaians with the need for energy security being identified as essential for sustaining the future of Ghana’s economic development.  

The Ghanaian Solar market is growing very fast as more Ghanaians are becoming more aware of the potential of harnessing solar energy as an alternative solution to curb their energy needs in solving the prevalent energy crisis popularly known as "dumsor".

We believe access to and the essence of electricity is a basic human right and remains high on the nations’ political agenda in fighting against "dumsor". At the same time it is imperative Ghana joins the international community in the fight against climate change. 


We envisage that with our approach on the promotion and implementation of renewable energy, we are joining the international community  in fighting climate change by offering viable alternatives with very minimal impact on the environment.

The Company Mission

The company’s mission is to be the market leader in Ghana for solar energy with world class solutions, competitive prices, and the highest standards for technically superior solutions aimed at the most demanding customers.

We have built rich market knowledge over the years with a detailed understanding of our customers’ needs to enable us to deliver and maintain a sustainable position in the Ghanaian solar energy industry.

Service Offering

Nyansapo Energy Company Limited provides Renewable Energy solutions from system design through to system installations and support. The company supplies PV modules, inverters and battery storage solutions to satisfy our client's needs and providing adequate training and support in the use of our solar systems. The company is placed to meet the growing demand for the renewable energy market and increasing the economic growth of the Ghana.


We provide;

Design and Installations of Photovoltaic Solar to generate electricity for residential and commercial use. Maintenance and support to ensure Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). Training courses to offer employment and promote the efficient use of electricity generated through Solar.

We are passionate about renewables and providing people with robust energy, our solutions are addressed to Residential and Commercial energy demands by creating professional energy solutions which best suits our clients’ needs. Our offer is complemented by ongoing technical support from our global partners.